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I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1943. My father was a political refugee who had escaped Nazi Germany.  In Egypt he met and married my Italian mother and we lived there until 1949 before moving to Post-war London where I attended art college.


On finishing art school, I was offered a year-long residency in Italy funded by the British Council and Italian Government. I continued  to paint, teach and work in Rome for almost three years. Back then, I was very interested in semi-figurative painting and my work was influenced by artists like Francis Bacon. 


On returning to London, I took a studio and met my husband, a Portuguese political refugee. After the Carnation Revolution in 1974, we decided to go back to Portugal in 1980. We lived in Lisbon where I participated in many exhibitions and solo shows with my large abstract landscape paintings. 


In 2000 I stopped painting because I was more interested in reaching a wider audience to call attention to the social and political issues of our time, issues which are important to me. This is why I  have chosen to use in the main, everyday, cheap and accessible, plastic objects to create my collages and sculptures,  responding in my own way, to the injustices which affect us all. 


About six years ago my husband passed away, I decided to move back to London to be near my children where I continue to work on social and political issues through my art.


Fine Arts at Hornsey

Fine Arts at Gloucestershire College of Art 

One-year scholarship in Rome by British Council and Italian Government 

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1992 - Erosions,  at Sala do Veado in the National Museum of Natural History, Lisbon, Portugal

1993 - Homenagem a Friedrich, Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, Portugal

1994 - Still Painting, Museu e Jardim Botanico Lisbon, Portugal 

1995 - 101 Quadros de Pequeno Formato, Museu e Jardim Botanico Lisbon, Portugal 

1996 - Return to Turner, The Economist, London

1997 - Earth, Deutsche Bank, Lisbon, Portugal

1997 - Painting, Sociedade Parlamentar, Bonn, Germany 

2002 - Gardens Part I -Botanical Gardens and Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, Portugal

2004 - Garden Part II - Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, Portugal

2005 - Jardins de Bagdad, Artistes Unidos, Teatro Taborda, Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2020 - Welcome to Me, Bite Online exhibition ​

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