Barbara Lessing (4).png


In her most recent work, Barbara Lessing reflected on the climate crisis and how much frightening it is. She created her compositions using miniature figures and public domain images, elaborating them her own way. The figures would look towards our man made destruction and by adding another split image, it helped to give more impact to the work. The original idea was inspired by Caspar David Friederich's "The wanderer" (1818) and the series is called "We are watching".


Creating sculptural installations and three-dimensional works by using everyday, cheap and accessible, mainly plastic objects, Barbara Lessing  responds to the social and political injustices  of our day. Embracing the aesthetic and visually appealing Kitsch art, the viewer on second sight becomes aware that relevant political messages reside within the three-dimensional pieces, messages that should not be overlooked. With her time-specific works, Lessing's visual representations cause us and her to  address and question the serious social, political and environmental injustices of our time.